We need your help…our vet bills in both the south and north are mounting due to both the number of kittens that are still coming in and the need for treatment for other surrendered or stray cats who have come to us. Many of these cats have arrived with what would have been easily preventable conditions that have come about as the result of neglect, misinformation and basic lack of responsible pet ownership.

However the cost of helping them now sits with us and both Jayde and I are covering this from our pockets again as the RCSH adoption money received when we rehome a cat doesn’t even always cover the costs of desexing, vaccination and microchipping that individual cat. Basic ongoing feeding, litter and parasite care and any other vet treatment for all those still in care comes either from our own pockets or from the extra help we ask for from time to time …like now

Please help so we can continue to help  …..